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Making a difference for Bubwa village!

Updated: May 10, 2022

The 7th of May we had our first outreach to Bubwa village, a poor fisherman village by Lake Victoria, 60 km from Kampala and Ajabu main office. Vulnerable children and families in need of everything from right nutrition and food, to clothes, shelters, health care and education. AJABU will focus on this village for a long time, and we are already planning for the next steps to support the people here. More information and videos from our outreach will soon be published! On Youtube (AJABU Children's ministries) you can follow us an watch the videos from this project.

From our first visit in April.

From our first visit in April. The children are getting biscuits.

From our first visit in April.

Our outreach 7th of may AJABU has recently provided the children with school materials, food containers and lunch. The day was crazy! We counted almost one hundred children! Everyone was so thankful and we are humbled to be able to help like this! And this is just the start... Stay tuned for more!

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Remember just a little schoolbook and a pencil is a miracle for a child in need...

You can be that miracle!

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