About  AJABU Children's Ministries

AJABU Children's Ministries is started its work in October of 2016, and finally become formalized and started as an organization in spring 2022. We intend to address the problems of children in villages especially in terms of education needs. Due to the family breakdowns and Aids scourge  which has increased the number of orphans and vulnerable children. However, the major goal is to help disadvantaged children get an opportunity to study for self sustainance and Not dependants on the community they live in.

Ajabu Children's Ministries is a fully registered charity organization from Norway operating in different rural communities in Uganda.


Ajabu Leaders

Christine N. Wambi, Uganda


Christine N. Wambi is a visionary leader and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity. She loves children and has given her life for the sake of making a difference in their lives.

Dag Frode Helgestad, Norway

Dag Frode H_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Teacher, counsellor and career counsellor. He has worked with children and youths for many years. He is also doing sports and music, and has a heart beating for Uganda and the vulnerable children.

Ajabu Team

Emmanuel Ebalu_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Emmanuel Ebalu, Uganda

Communications Office

A social worker who has worked closely with various organizations, he knows how to handle the needy in society of various categories, from the vulnerable children to the elderly. He is a committed team worker who associates with everyone at an equal level, always aiming at creating an atmosphere of equal liberties.


Charlie Kobong, Uganda

Media Office

Charlie Kobong is a videographer and photographer. He started out telling stories of people in his community through his camera and he is now bringing stories of Ajabu’s missions to the world.

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Ken Prince Kobong, Uganda

Welfare and Safety Manager

Ken occupies a key role  in Ajabu and assumes overall resposibility for the care, well being and safety of Ajabu employees, children and the organization properties. He is a dedicated and hard working person with Ajabu Children's ministries interest at  heart. 

Mayeku Gerald_edited_edited.jpg

Gerald Mayeku, Uganda

Program  Coordinator

Having worked for over eight years, mostly the youth and vulnerable persons he has a passion to improve their livelihood through innovating various programs that can make a difference. A committed social worker that loves the community, looking forward to better social welfare of people.