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Goal reached: NOK 11.547

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Ajabu Medical Center  -  Bubwa!

Arrangements have now been made for Ajabu Children's Ministries to establish a medical center in Bubwa! This will be a primary clinic with a focus on offering treatment and health care for physically, mentally and financially affected families in Bubwa. When it comes to professional services from the clinic, patients have security and certainty that they are very well looked after by a professionally trained and skilled doctor with a professional approach to patient care.


Ajabu has rented a building right on the outskirts of the village which is well suited for the desired purpose. The building has two large rooms. One room will be used to store medical equipment, supplies and medications. Some improvements must be made before the clinic becomes operational.


Rural areas are somewhat marginalized as most doctors are concentrated in urban areas.
Ajabu has a dedicated doctor. In addition, we will seek to employ a nurse.


Preventive health measures will be initiated when the clinic is up and running. Outreach programs will be focused on educating the local communities in an effort to prevent health complications from occurring. There will be a program for nutrition and sanitary and hygienic conditions.


Funds needed for start-up are NOK 11.547,-


Documents with details and budgets are available to our partners and sponsors.