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Fundraising phase 2 of 2 

Ajabu Medical Center  -  Bubwa!

Thank you for all your support and generosity! The first phase has been achieved: NOK 12,300,-
We have now started fundraising for the second and final phase, and hope to open the center in July 2023!


Ajabu has  been able to rent the proposed building right on the outskirts of the village which is well suited for the desired purpose. The building with two large rooms is currently being prepped for use as earlier planned. More improvements must be made before the clinic becomes operational.


Ajabu medical care initiative focuses on delivering affordable and accessible primary health care for physically, mentally and financially affected families in Bubwa.

The clinic will offer long-term medical support with the help of a local nurse and a physician, giving patients security and certainty that they are very well looked after by a trained and skilled doctor with a professional approach to patient care.

Your contributions will help vulnerable communities receive
essential healthcare and deliver actual Change that lasts.


Preventive health measures have been initiated and are up
and running, with a nutrition program at the forefront.

Your Support is needed!

Documents with details and budgets are available to our partners and sponsors.

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