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Supporting families in Katwe

Ajabu Children's ministries has been in support of some children in Katwe. We understand that life is hard for the children who drop out of school and opt for salt mining. It is our desire to help families in Katwe as we extend our services to those in need.

It is a joy to see what your support helps achieve in this part of the country. From sending children to school to helping parents set up small businesses. The food program has greatly helped especially these last two years of the Corona pandemic.

Business before...

This is an example of how a little investment in better cooking equipment may boost a familybusiness, that means higher income and better health.

Business now.

Before the business just fried fish. With better equipment the business had a boost. Now they also make fried potatoes, different tea and drinks, and also salads togheter with the fried fish! They manage to serve more people too! The report from Katwe is overwelming! From struggling every day to get food on the table and not sure of how they will make it... to knowing its going well everyday is a huge difference.

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