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Start your own fundraising

Making a difference- Changing lives!

Things you can do:
  • Start a bazaar

  • Fundraising with friends

  • Fundraising with school

  • Give one day!

  • Use SPLEIS

  • Use VIPPS

You can start your own fundraising!

Together, we can provide vulnerable and poor children in Uganda with schooling, school supplies, vital health services and proper nutrition! Your contribution will make this possible! You can do this in several ways.



How about starting a bazaar? It's easy and fun!
Gather your friends to make waffles, bake cakes, and sell them to your neighbors or classmates. You can also sell old toys and clothes. Alternatively, consider organizing a class or school fundraising project using platforms like SPLEIS or VIPPS. The possibilities are endless!

If you're a small group, contact us for t-shirts!


Start a fundraising with SPLEIS! It is easy and quick.
Share it with friends and family and remind them
to follow your project!  

Go to our web page at Spleis here.


We will soon get a VIPPS number you can use.
Please come back later. 


Perhaps your school or kindergarten would be interested in dedicating a day to work and fundraising for Ajabu Children's Ministries. Your teacher might also consider incorporating lessons that focus on third-world issues and learning about the lives of children in Uganda.

Please see the page for the schools and kindergartens.

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