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A Beacon of Hope; The Opening of Ajabu Medical Center

Founder ACM Uganda
By Christine Wambi

In a remarkable display of compassion and dedication, Ajabu medical center has risen like a beacon of hope in the heart of this rural community. With the vision of providing accessible healthcare to underserved communities, the opening of this center marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of a healthier and happier future for the people here.

As the center continues to grow and flourish, it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all those it touches. Through the amalgamation of global support and local determination, this center will continue to save lives and uplift the community for generations to come. The story of this medical center is a testament to the incredible impact that can be achieved when humanity comes together to make a difference, no matter how far apart our worlds may seem. The future for bubwa is undoubtedly brighter, and the hope this center brings is boundless.

Ajabu Medical Center opened 2.july 2023. Finally the children and the people in Bubwa village and the region get their needed healthcare services!

Dr. John with a child who needed treatment for malaria.

Our nurse Martin carrying out a malaria test.

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