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Vincent Nsubuga ,  6 years

Vincent Nsubuga , 6 years

Viscent is a 6-year old boy who is born and raised in Bubwa. He is in middle class in the nursery level. He is the the second born of his mother. Musisi enjoys entertainment especially music, he loves singing during his free time and all times even when he is preoccupied with work. He is abit slow in class according to the mother because of many conditions. The father of Vicent is an alcoholic, he has no job and always idle. The mother struggles to earn a living through farming.

Viscent loves playing football, listening to music, singing and dancing. He has potential to excel highly in his academics although he wants to be a singer in the future.

Ajabu Children’s Ministries is so hopeful through other different partners to help Nsubuga Viscent fulfiil his dreams.

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