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Herbert Pario ,  8 years

Herbert Pario , 8 years

Herbert is an 8-year-old boy who lives in Bubwa. He's in the highest class at school and is the second of four children in his family. His mom, Bako Agnes, is a single parent who doesn't earn much. It's tough for her to take care of all four kids by herself. Because of this, Herbert doesn't have the usual things kids his age have, like nice clothes, good food, or even enough meals every day.

Despite these challenges, Herbert works hard. He helps out by fetching water and bathing his younger siblings by the shores of Lake Victoria. He enjoys studying, but he's missing some things he needs for school, which a group called Ajabu wants to help with. He's a bit older than the other kids in his class because he started school later.

Would you like to consider giving hope for Herbert and change a life!

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