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Danila Narwadda ,  11 years

Danila Narwadda , 11 years

Danila is a beautiful 11 years old girl in Primary four (4). She was born in Bukaya a town called Ssi and was raised from there, she has lived in Bubwa village for 3 years. According to the mother, Nankunja Oliva, Danila lost 7 siblings and now they are three (3) left. She is second born and the other two are left, live together. The mother always tries to do farming, tries to sell her produce in order to survive with her children.

Danila loves the mother so much and her younger siblings. They stay together with all parents, the father is unemployed, he survives from small temporal jobs like slashing, pottery if available.

Danila is so hardworking and loves to help her mother do the house work, she also loves to play with her sister, this family is full of joy. During her free time, Danila loves sewing, braiding friends, doing craft work, she loves to be a nurse in the future because she hates to see people die.

With your support, Danila will achieve her goal of becoming a nurse.

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