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Danila Narwadda ,  11 years

Danila Narwadda , 11 years

Danila is a beautiful 11-year-old girl in fourth grade. She was born in Bukaya, a town called Ssi, and grew up there. For the past three years, she has been living in Bubwa village. Danila's mother, Nankunja Oliva, shared that Danila lost seven siblings, and now only three of them remain. Danila is the second oldest, and she and her two siblings live together.

Their mother works hard by farming and selling produce to support her children because their father is unemployed. He relies on temporary jobs like cutting grass or making pottery when available.

Danila cares deeply for her mother and younger siblings. They all live together as a close-knit family filled with joy. Danila is very helpful around the house and enjoys spending time with her sister. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, braiding hair, and doing crafts. She dreams of becoming a nurse one day because she doesn't like seeing people suffer.

With your support, Danila can achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.

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