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Bernard Namugowa,  15 years

Bernard Namugowa, 15 years

Benard is 15 years old raised in Bubwa. He has lived in this village all his life so far and he is the oldest child we have profiled, Ajabu looks at him as a leader in the making. He is the son of Harriet Hakassa who has 6 children. Benard is the third child of his father who happens to have fled away from the village and no one knows his whereabouts.

Benard loves studies and , he loves to read and he really wants to finish school so that he can help the family stabilize and also help the community, the mother has high hopes for Benard. His desire is to be a teacher, he wants to improve the education level in his community.

He has not gone back to school after COVID-19 pandemic, because school fees is still his greatest struggle, sometimes he skips school to help his mother farm so they can get what to eat and some money for basic needs

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