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Dirisa Kigongo,  6 years

Dirisa Kigongo, 6 years

Dirisa Kigongo is 6 years old and is the only child to his mother called Tusabe Rosia, a single mother who was disowned by his father. From that moment when he walked away, the mother struggled to raise Dirisa single handedly and without a job to support her son. She does farmimg as the easiest and the most available activity to get food to eat but cannot sustain them.

He is consistent in his studies, he loves to study so much, he is so obeient to the mother, he loves his mother so much that each time he gets back from school, he immediately gets to help the mother with simple chores like washing of the utensils then he gets straight to doing homework.

Ajabu is seeking for help to support Dirisa achieve his dream as an academician.

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