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Olivia Naliva,  9 years

Olivia Naliva, 9 years

Olivia Naliva is a 9-year-old girl living in Bubwa. She's the second child in her family and has four sisters. Olivier is currently in Primary two, but she's a bit older for her grade due to the COVID-19 pandemic and financial struggles her family faces. Her mom, Namuddu Esther, works hard to support them.

Olivia is considered a sickler by her mom, which means she has a weak immune system. Despite this, she's a diligent and responsible girl who helps take care of her younger siblings and assists her mom with chores. She enjoys reading and studying, and her biggest dream is to become a teacher.

If you join Ajabu in supporting Olivia, she can receive a well-rounded education along with proper healthcare.

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