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Murgerwa Sebian, 7 years

Murgerwa Sebian, 7 years

Sebian was born disabled in Bubwa district. He was abandoned by his mom and taken in by a close relative who is his primary guardian. His father’s whereabouts are unknown.

He can’t talk or walk unaided, bearing a huge burden on his guardian who has to attend to him at all times and solely provide for him.

His disability has hindered his education and restricted his social circle. We at Ajabu along with our sponsors and partners can make a big difference in his life by helping them with a wheelchair. 

A good, used wheelchair would cost about 700.000 Ugandan shillings (UGX) or about 2.000,- NOK. 

Would you like to sponsor? If you would like to sponsor - please get in touch with us, and tell us about your support!

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