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Ben Kyeswa, 12 years

Ben Kyeswa, 12 years

Ben is from Bubwa-village, Eastern Uganda. He has lived with his Grandmother since his parents divorced. Bubwa village is located at the Shores of lake Victoria and it is sad that Ben is not in school because the grandmother is not in position to provide for her grandson.

At a young age of 12, Ben already loves fishing since he lives at a landing site an activity that is very risky since most of young fishermen end up falling from their makeshift boats and drown in the lake.

His grandmother tells us Ben loves helping her out with activities like, digging because this is what she does in order to earn a living, so that she can try and provide some basics needs for the grandson.

Just like the many others, Ben was discovered by our team ,and hopefully with our partners and sponsors, he can be able to get back to school.

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