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Alvin Ntale,  4 years

Alvin Ntale, 4 years

Alvin is a 4-year-old boy who was born in Bubwa. He hasn't started going to school yet because his family isn't sure if they can afford the school fees. Alvin lives with his grandmother, but she can't take care of him or provide much help. His mother, who is 21 years old, lives in another town and is trying to find a job to support herself. She only visits them occasionally. Alvin's father has a mental illness, which makes it impossible for him to take care of the family. They don't even know where he is. Alvin is usually quiet and not very active, but he does play and laugh with his friends sometimes.

Ajabu Children’s Ministries was touched upon hearing Ntale Alvin’s story. Alvin will have a great future through the help of Ajabu and its partners.

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