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AJABU Program

Making a difference - changing lives!

Education & Outreach

Ajabu Children's Ministry helps sponsor children's education, we enable needy children acquire books, pens ans other scholastic materials, this means that children will not miss classes any more, they will perform better as they will not have to miss lessons at school. This will help reduce on the high school drop outs caused by lack of scholastic materials in this part of the country. The organisation buys exercise books, pencils and geometry sets for the kids in primary school and large ruled books, pens, ream of printing paper, calculators and sanitary towels for students in secondary school.

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Shelters & Construction

Fundraising for the construction of  a Children’s home and school is under way, the project will consist of a  primary school, clinic and children’s home. The project is at it’s initial stage with the construction of the children’s learning cen. We have a temporaly girl’s home, we would like to construct both the girls' and boys' permanent shelters.

Food and Health Program

Medical outreach programs have been implemented  focusing on giving free physical examination and educating the communities in an effort to prevent health complications from arising.

The Ajabu Medical Center will soon be opened as a primary care clinic to provide comprehensive treatment and health education for physically, mentally, and financially afflicted families in Bubwa and the neighboring communities Our food project is also in place to cater for the many children in our care and also as relief to families in need. We look forward to growing our own food so we can be of help to so many others. The ultimate goal is to own and cultivate land to produce the basic foods  as we train the families to implement new farming methods.


Life Groups

This is the Ajabu Children's Ministries mentorship program. We are able to mentor the children in their selected groups depending on their interests. We have the music life group, sports life group and other groups here in the organization. This helps us train, and mentor these children as we watch their talents and passions grow.

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