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Making a difference -
Supporting a vulnerable family in Katwe

AJABU children's ministries supports  a family in Katwe. Robert had a cafè but lost everything during the pandemic. The family was in great need and they have a little girl, now 3 years old.

AJABU is supporting him to get through a retraining program in transport and mechanics. We believe this will make a huge difference for the family in years to come.

AJABU is also providing better cooking equipment and materials for his wife's business of making and selling fried fish on the street outside the house. We are focusing on a more healthy way to cook, so the child will not be exposed to the dangerous smoke from the open firewood anymore. 

Katwe has a special place in our hearts and we look forward to supporting more people for suistainable development.

Please take time to watch his greeting video and see the media gallery below on this page!

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Making a difference- Changing lives!

October 2021

AJABU children's ministries supports  families in Mbale.
In partnership with a local church,  in Bulambuli District, we are able to support the poor and needy in that community.
AJABU extends it's services to both the children and their families. The children have benefited from the school support program and the food program has supported the families especially during the dry seasons.

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