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Ajabu Learning Center  -  Bubwa!

In this poor commnunity of Bubwa, Children do not have the opportunity to receive an education. Some do not have resources like books or uniforms, leaving children to fall behind without the support to catch up. Youth drop out of school to support their families.

The school systems are understaffed, failing to provide education to the children who live there. It is easy to see how absence of education spirals into a cycle of poverty.

When you make a gift donation to our school programs, you provide the resources, tutoring programs, meals and more for the underprivileged children from kindergarten through high school and beyond.

With your support, Ajabu Children's ministries plans to construct a multipurpose hall for both underprivileged children and the adults. This hall will be partitioned to cater for many different activities at the same time, the adults obtaining skills education should be able to use the same hall which can also be used as a community center for as long as it concerns the Bubwa community.

More information fundraising this will soon follow.


Documents with details and budgets are available to our partners and sponsors.