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Kindergarten classroom over 14kms from Bubwa

Help us fundraise for the;

Ajabu Learning Center  -  Bubwa!

In the impoverished community of Bubwa, children face severe obstacles in accessing education. A multitude of factors, including the lack of essential resources such as books and uniforms, forces many youngsters to abandon their educational pursuits to contribute to their struggling families.


Compounding the issue, the school systems in Bubwa grapple with severe under staffing, further hindering their ability to impart education to the local children. This deficiency in educational infrastructure perpetuates a disheartening cycle of poverty, as the absence of learning opportunities significantly diminishes the prospects for social and economic advancement in the community.

Addressing these systemic issues is crucial for breaking the cycle and creating a brighter future for the children of Bubwa.

When you make a gift donation to our school programs, you provide the resources, tutoring programs, meals and more for the underprivileged children from kindergarten through high school and beyond.



             Documents with details and budgets are available to our partners and sponsors.


Site cleared for construction of the Learning Center

With your support, Ajabu Children's ministries plans to construct a multipurpose hall for both underprivileged children and the adults.

This multipurpose hall will be strategically partitioned to accommodate a variety of activities simultaneously. Notably, adults undergoing skills education will have access to the same facility, thereby optimizing its use. Additionally, the hall will serve as a community center, becoming a focal point for various communal engagements within the Bubwa community. This dual-purpose approach aims to address the diverse needs of the community, fostering both skill development and a sense of communal cohesion.

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